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About Trilithic

Trilithic offers a broad line of choices for your RF and Microwave requirements. Whether you need an off the shelf attenuator, termination, switch, or a custom-designed filter, diplexer, or subsystem.

Trilithic's quick response team can provide new designs in a two-week delivery window - great for prototype systems or proof of concept testing.

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  • Trilithic manufactures a complete line of fixed frequency bandpass, bandreject, highpass and lowpass filter products.
  • Trilithic designs and manufactures tunable filters in bandpass and bandreject versions.
  • Trilithic's power dividers are designed and manufactured for applications including: broadband, wireless communications and test labs.
  • Trilithic's directional couplers have been designed specifically for GSM, PCS, WCDMA and UMTS applications.
  • Trilithic offers a wide selection of attenuators for your specific needs.
  • Trilithic produces both relay-activated and solid-state switches.
  • A wide range of 50 and 75 Ohm fixed terminations. Input powers range from 1 to 1,000 Watts. Connector options include BNC, TNC, F, N and SMA.
  • Trilithic produces a variety of test accessories, including: DC blocks, feedthru terminations and impedance matching pads.